Pesach 2019

Pesach 2019 in Jerusalem. Just $825!

“Next year in Jerusalem!”

We say that each year as we finish the Seder….

Well?  Pesach is about six months away and this can be the year you celebrate in Jerusalem! cropped-logo_sketch_xsmall.jpg Ani Yosef is excited to present the details of our very first Pesach in Israel.

You have already read about the amazing time we spent in a Yemenite Jewish community for 16 days at Sukkot.  Well, we are returning to the same warm community from April 15 to 28, 2019 for 13 sunny spring days promising to be another incredible experience of intercultural community and bridge building. Costing only $825 and limited to just DSC_0707.JPG70 participants, you do not want to miss this!

Our first four days in the Land we will pick up trash both in Jerusalem and in a couple other communities as an act of humility, love and service to our brothers of Judah. During this time we will learn to use the public transportation system and enjoy a couple evening speakers that will better prepare us for the feast and interaction with those in the Land.

Friday afternoon we will prepare for Passover and enjoy a large multinational Seder with Ephramite brothers and sisters from all over the world. We will worship, laugh, sing and enjoy the fruit of the photo(1)Land together as we break matzah and remember the great significance of the first exodus and the prophesied second. We will bask in the quiet of Shabbat as everything around us ceases to rest, unlike the places we come from.

After the Shabbat we will have six glorious days filled with touring, shopping and roaming the 20180330_2008011524531207streets of Jerusalem.  Seasoned team members who prefer the adventure of exploring on their own are welcome to do so while the less inclined can sign up for and participate in several days of guided tours with Dan, a licensed guide and member of the community we are staying in. In the evenings we will have several programs including Yemenite dance with, Carmela, a teacher from the community and worship with James Block.

As our stay wraps up, we will enjoy a second Shabbat, our last full day, relishing the precious time remaining and cementing the friendships made with Ephramites from different continents. We will share stories of adventures, conversations and new things 20180916_205354-13747866192750297469.jpglearned while blessed to be in the Land for Pesach.

As with our first trip, accommodations are a little sparse and a bit tight fostering true community while saving money.  Total cost of $825 includes lodging and two meals per day for 13 days. Unbeatable!! (Does not include transportation to/from airport, lunches or incidentals. Guided tours are extra.)

Join us ‘next year, in Jerusalem!!’

Non-Refundable reservation for Pesach 2019 with Ani Yosef in Jerusalem.

This is a non-refundable reservation for one person for Pesach 2019 with Ani Yosef in Jerusalem. Balance of trip cost, $625 (total: $825) due upon arrival at Giv’at Ye’arim on April 15, 2018. Cost includes lodging, two meals per day, transportation to and from work sites, a couple beautiful Ani Yosef t-shirts as well as an amazing Pesach Seder!


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