…the emotions and stirring I too felt as I picked up trash
In Israel. I felt connected to this ancient land that was new under my feet, but felt so familiar, the love and emotion that welled up within me only had one explanation and that was my love for Abba and His love for the land that overflows into His people and becomes apart of our very being. You can’t explain it to people who are not at this point in their journey, they don’t get it.

Debbie Triesch ~ US

I had a great time. I started a couple days early so I didn’t have to fly or come in on Shabbat. I was honestly overwhelmed after getting my bags and standing at the exit to the airport thinking “I have no Israeli money, don’t know anyone, and can’t read a lot of the signs”. But I got myself together (pulled up my big boy pants) and went to work. Settling into my hotel room just off the beach in Tel Aviv was amazing for the next two days. Knowing I was there (in Israel) and yet not having it sink in until James said those words “hey guys, we’re in Israel”! Then I remember sharing with him a day or so later, “hey brother, we’re in Jerusalem”! The next 16 days were filled with pain (work/walking), worship, tears, awe, and quite a few moments of just talking with Abba about how great it was to be in HIS land, on HIS agenda. I can’t thank you two (I know it wasn’t just you two) enough (Pete said no leaking eyes as I said my goodbyes, but they’re leaking again…) for making it possible.

Bobby Bennie ~ US

Shalom! Ani Yosef 2018 was a wonderful experience.  We woke up every morning and exclaimed:  “Hey, we’re in Israel!”  And, best of all, it was true!  We saw the moon rising over Jerusalem from the community sukkah.  Outside the Jaffa Gate, we bought a lulav/etrog set from a table manned by a yeshiva student from New York City.  We prayed at the Kotel.  We walked, underground, along the support wall Herod built all the way to the north end of Mount Moriah….along cobblestones that were street level when the Temple stood.  We visited the site of King David’s palace.  We saw Paul Wilbur in concert.  We saw James Block in concert…..twice!! We met like minded followers of Yeshua from so many other nations around the globe. We were taught Yemenite dance steps, and we danced along with others in the moshav celebrating Simchat Torah.  It was an amazing experience!!

W. W. I. ~ US

(Ani Yosef has) done a great job and I’m thankful to our Father in Heaven for all He has given us in this project. Be strong and of good courage, because YHVH is with you in this project!

Fulp ~ Netherlands

The greatest thing about Ani Yosef is the commitment to loving our brethren in action – not only cleaning the streets of Jerusalem and Giv’at Ye’arim, but learning to love each other among our own Tribes as well. We found the great variety of personalities, which may have been disconcerting at first, to be lovable after all.


Anne McLeod ~ US

It was the best Sukkot ever. Sometimes I look at the pictures just to remember it was not a dream. Thank you.

D. A. ~ South Africa

Anyone can book themselves a trip to Israel with a hotel stay, planned tours and cafe meals.

But visiting the land with this delightful assortment of people, who had the same goal, to make a difference to the Jewish people, relate to the locals and see things from a totally grounded perspective – was a gem of an opportunity! It is the kind of experience that appears to be wrapped up in a big, plastic garbage bag involving sweat and litter, but it is just the medicine that your soul might need.

I know it’s cliche, but come along, because your life will not be the same. We only need to be willing to sign up, show up with soul and spirit. And being willing to dance doesn’t hurt, because it’s likely there will be dancing.

A. K. ~ Australia

Annie and I look back on a successful trip with a lot of joy and gratitude.

I am already working hard … to make money for the next trip.

This week I get to hear if I can get enough days off, with Pesach.

Here in the Netherlands I gave a first presentation last week about our experiences during the trip. If all goes well, there will be a second presentation at a different location in the Netherlands. Next week I give a study in Belgium, I will also make a promotion there.

Annie has made a prophetic painting in which she expresses that the corn is ripe so that the spikes hang down. On the one side Ani Yosef, humbled bowing down and on the other side the people of Judah and in between Yeshua haMassiach bringing us together.

We are still amazed at the contacts we have had with Jewish people, it is the first time that we have experienced this rapprochement.

While we were on our way home, on the plane, an orthodox Jewish man approached me asking if I was Jewish. When I said no, he asked what are you doing then in Israel, I said sit down for a moment, and there was a nice conversation, in which I could explain what we did in Israel. His reaction was wow, how beautiful that this is happening….

Wiljo ~ Netherlands