About Us

Yoseph had been separated from his brothers and exiled from the Land of his fathers for 20 years when the Almighty began to orchestrate an amazing reconciliation.  The beginning of Genesis 45 tells of the gut wrenching moment when Yosef cries out to his brothers, “Ani Yosef….Ani Yosef achichem!”   אֲנִי יוֹסֵף    “I am Joseph, …I am Joseph your brother!”

An amazing worldwide awakening to Torah is happening and hundreds of thousands are feeling the call to the Land and an affinity to the Jewish people.  There is, however, a huge divide due to thousands of years of painful history between Judah and Joseph’s son, Ephraim, representing the scattered Northern Kingdom.  How to overcome this painful past and express our remorse and seek repentance?

Ani Yosef believes the path to reconciliation is one of service, love and friendship.  Our desire is to reach out to our brothers of Judah by seeking forgiveness through serving by picking up trash and improving the beauty of the Land of our fathers as well as other acts of service that Adonai leads us to do.  We choose to serve at the times of Pesach and Sukkot so that we might also obey the command to go up for the festivals.  Further, by partnering with Tzemach Ben-Aharon and the moshav of Gi’vat Ye’arim we can bless the community and build friendships and relationships with our brother while connecting with each other from all over the world.

Join us on one of our amazing trips to be in the Land, be a blessing to our brother and present ourselves before Adonai for the feast!

Current trip: Sukkot 2019. Details!