Sukkot 2018 Trip

A ‘hurry-cane’ and we’re off!!

While most of the world has only recently started paying attention to hurricane Florence, we in South Carolina began watching last week. The season has been unusually quiet,

but this storm, making a beeline across the Atlantic, seemed trouble from the start. As this week began it started to look like a race between us and Florence for who would get to Douglas International Airport in Charlotte, NC, first.

Yesterday, with forecasts calling a dead heat for our Friday afternoon departure, I decided

to call Delta and beg for an early flight. They were most helpful and bumped us forward 24 hours with no fees and no pain!

We frantically began what was previously a pretty relaxed packing process and soon the house looked like a ‘hurry-cane’ had ripped through. I rushed to work this morning to do in a few hours what I had previously planned a whole day for. By the time I got back to the house to load the truck, everything was clean, calm and in order.

Now, sitting at the terminal waiting to board, we are totally excited, particularly as we text and MeWe messages from other team members enroute or already in Jerusalem.

I have dreamt of the next 20 days for more than three years and suddenly, they are a reality. Our team of 50+ hail from Australia, South Africa, Germany, Netherlands and the US. We span the ages from 13 to 79 and multiple ethnicities. We share a love for Israel, and though we are non-Jews, we all keep the Feasts, Shabbat and eat clean.

Team members have been communicating for months via a MeWe group and have developed friendships that will be realised and enjoyed in the coming weeks.

Join us on this journey as we blog and post pics of the unfolding adventure of service and celebration while we build relationships with our brother Judah.

Chag Sameach.

14 thoughts on “A ‘hurry-cane’ and we’re off!!”

  1. Shalom dear family Rambo! I just want to inform you shortly that my husband Peter already arrived in Tel Aviv. Our wonderful father in heaven brought him to MOMOS Hostel, Ben Yehuda Str. 28 in Tel Aviv. The owner is very friendly and helpful!! We are old fashiones people without smartphones so i wanted to let you know where you can find him perhaps. Please pray for our son Philipp. His knee has a big infection. The doctors first wanted to operate it tomorrow but now they refuse because of his cancer history. I hope and pray God wants to treat it in a much better way to glorify himself. BUT PLEASE PRAY!!! Thank you so very much!!! God bless all of you and let you being a blessing for others Good night, Sabine Mickenbecker

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  2. We won’t be getting there until very early in the morning on September 20.plane arrives at Ben Gurion @11:35 pm, and then there’s the drive to Jerusalem..but hopefully we will see you all around. We are attending the Paul Wilbur recording concert on the 25th and Torah for the Nations class on September 26, and the virtual reality tour at the Tower of David on the 27th..


  3. Schalom Pete, my husband Peter is waiting for the rest of the group at the airport. You can reach him in the moment with this number 00972 39754410. Can you tell me the exact adress where you will stay in the next weeks? Thanks a lot! Sabine


  4. Shalom Pete, please let me know, if Peter met you – I did not hear anything from him. THANK YOU!! God bless you Sabine


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