Serving Judah, Sukkot 2019

100??!! (Getting stretched!… and, Prayer requests.)

The receipt for coffee at Aroma Café in Ma’ale Adumim is faded, but my chicken scratch on the back is still clearly visible. It hangs on my bathroom mirror and most days I look at it in wonder and remind Abba, “100. We are trusting You for 100!”

Last year, Pesach 2018, a small group of us gathered on a Wednesday afternoon in the Aroma coffee shop in the mall while we were in Ma’ale Adumim, just outside of Jerusalem. I shared the desire I had to return to Jerusalem with teams at each feast to pick up trash and help others get to the Land at an inexpensive rate while having good interaction with and service to our brother Judah. Dorothe, from Germany, quickly agreed. She, too, had felt the pull to come pick up trash and be a humble servant.

As we talked, I thought to jot down the names of everyone around the table. The available piece of paper was the receipt. We discussed and came to a few quick and simple thoughts… Keep it around $50/day/person which would cover room, two meals and most transportation. Work for four days on each trip and tour the remaining days in either guided tours or each his/her own. We bowed in prayer and placed the idea and needs, particularly lodging at the unheard of low price, in the hands of Avinu. By Friday evening, before Shabbat, the Father had answered with a tentative place at our price. Two days later, it was confirmed and Ani Yosef was ‘born.’

When we finished praying, Debbie’s head popped up and she blurted, “I really feel like the Father wants us to ask for 100 and trust Him.” I think everyone heard me suck in big air and weakly say, “okay….” I wrote it down on the receipt.

That daily reminder hangs on my bathroom mirror as a continuous prayer before the Father. 100!! Until a couple days ago, it seemed a bit distant.

We had 52 or 53 for Sukkot. Our numbers actually fluctuated slightly due to a couple late arrivals and early departures, but the group was amazing, Abba was present and the five nations (four continents) present formed a special bond of mishpocha that now spans the globe. Pesach was a bit smaller, but Abba again did some amazing things in us and through us… No question, He has this. But, not 100… yet!

Then, the last few days, the message has come loud and clear, ‘believe and work toward 100 for Sukkot 2019.’ He has opened the door for additional places to stay in or near Jerusalem as well as the possibility of having a team in northern Israel that will take a day trip to Jerusalem, while spending the bulk of their touring and work in the Galilee.

Besides the considerable growth, this requires a leap in logistics and leadership, both of which I believe the Father has prepared us for, but it is still mildly scary. You can help! In fact, we need your help. Here’s how:

  • Pray! Pray that the Father bring the one HE wants on the teams.
  • Pray for HIM to open the doors and lead us through according to HIS plan.
  • Tell others about Ani Yosef. Share these blog posts.
  • Come! If the Father is drawing you to the Land for Sukkot, ask Avinu if we are the ones you are to visit the Land with.
  • Give! We have the opportunity to help several Torah-keeping mishpocha attend whose hearts are right and ready, but they have limited resources. We want to be able to provide a several half scholarships of about $475 each. The ‘donate button’ is on the right.

We bless and thank the Father for the doors He is opening and trust that in His time and according to His plan, we will be a blessing to both houses of Israel!


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