Sukkot 2019

Ani Yosef in the news

Ani Yosef’s Sukkot 2019 team has made it safely home and most are over their jetlag and already emails are flying back and forth across the across the Atlantic as the multinational leadership team begins planning for Pesach and Sukkot 2020. Personally, I am very excited about new opportunities, greater clarity and blessings from the Father.

I will be posting further updates as we have information that we can release, but for now I wanted to share an article about our project from Breaking Israel News along with a video interview (see below) I had with one of their top writers and personal friend, Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz.

We have posted the dates for our 2020 Pesach and Sukkot work trips and are refining/reducing costs in an effort to make the feast in Jerusalem available for any who desire to fulfill the moedim and have a humble servant’s heart. Right now, per person, 13 days lodging plus two meals per day is $450 to camp and approximately $825 to stay in shared apartments (subject to availability). Airfare and tour entrance fees (optional) are extra.

Prayerfully consider joining us and please share this with others who may be interested.

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