Pesach 2019

4 Cups, 5 Languages, and a Park

Pesach with the Ani Yosef team was special. While picking up trash in the days before Pesach, we talked of removing the trash from our heart.

Friday evening we celebrated Pesach, or Passover, with the four cups. We pondered the release from both physical and figurative Egypt, release from sin and expectation of the Messiah. What was special was the many nationalities and languages around the table. While primarily in English, I heard

Hebrew, Dutch, German, and Spanish. And, later in the evening, two ladies sang a song in Afrikaans.

After Torah discussion this morning, we went to Independence Park to meet up with other observant non-Jews from around the world. Following is a gallery with pics from last night and today.

2 thoughts on “4 Cups, 5 Languages, and a Park”

  1. Congratulations, chaverim, how great, all of you together – I admire your efforts with the cleaning; be blessed, a lot: your friends from Switzerland, Heinz & Isabella (we’d love to be there)

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