Sukkot 2020

Sukkot in the exile…

Ani Yosef was mentioned this morning in an Israel365News article prompting me to post a piece on the blog related to our mission and ministry: Bringing people from all nations to Israel for the feasts. Enjoy this post and be challenged to pray for kol Israel to have a heart for Jerusalem and a… Continue reading Sukkot in the exile…

Pesach 2019

Where else but Israel??

Where else but Israel can you bring four Dutch, one South African, one German and six Americans together and have this much impromptu fun. (We were missing a few this evening..) Abba truly is amazing. This is a neat memory from Ani Yosef's Pesach 2019 trip. Consider joining us for Sukkot 2019.... 16 glorious days… Continue reading Where else but Israel??

Pesach 2019

4 Cups, 5 Languages, and a Park

Pesach with the Ani Yosef team was special. While picking up trash in the days before Pesach, we talked of removing the trash from our heart. Friday evening we celebrated Pesach, or Passover, with the four cups. We pondered the release from both physical and figurative Egypt, release from sin and expectation of the Messiah.… Continue reading 4 Cups, 5 Languages, and a Park