Sukkot 2018 Trip

Souvenirs and memories….

20181104_101706A couple of days ago, my wife asked, “where did these three cute little spoons come from?”

Normally very observant, I was surprised that she was just noticing the additions mixed into the teaspoon tray.  So, I related the story of how they got there.

The third day we were picking up trash in Israel, we were cleaning the terraces outside of Jaffa Gate.  While working and chatting, James mentioned a Lego he had found and pocketed to make into a key fob as a memento from the trip.  I laughed and fished in my pocket for a little spoon I had found in the dirt.  I quipped that I was saving it for a similar souvenir.

Immediately my youngest son and trip photog, Silas, said, “Hey, wait!”  And, he pulled an identical spoon out of his pocket! We marveled, laughed at the serendipity.

We continued cleaning the terrace when James found another and later I found a third for our set.  Only then did we realize that these20181104_101832 had likely been dropped or thrown from the outdoor cafe farther up the embankment from where we were collecting cigarette butts, water bottles and all manner of other trash.

Today, the three spoons are a fun reminder of the wonderful trip, the friendships made with both Jews and Ephramites from Israel and all parts of the globe. I can stir my coffee or tea and drift back to warm sunny days before and during Sukkot 2018 in Jerusalem and the surrounding hills.  I can remember dancing with Yemenite Jews at Simcha Torah, laughter and fun.

Today, I added more pictures as well as video to the Sukkot 2018 gallery.  And, I am dreaming of returning to the same community for Pesach 2019 to serve and love my brothers while drinking in the Land, her people and culture.

Come join us!  Space is limited.

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