We are getting ready for Passover. Are you?

For most, the ‘hangover’ from Sukkot is barely finished and now the sugar crash from Hanukah donuts is upon them…  So, mentioning Pesach/Passover may seem a bit crazy, but….  Now is the time to begin planning and preparing for Pesach!  We are!

We have been checking out airline flight costs, designing a new t-shirt (and, WOW!! It looks GOOD!!), writing a participant Handbook, translating the Songbook and carrying out a dozen other details as we prepare for Passover in Jerusalem!  We can’t wait!

How about you? Would you like to celebrate Pesach in Jerusalem this year?  You can, but the time to begin planning and getting on board is now. Pray about joining Ani Yosef in Giv’at Ye’arim, just outside Jerusalem, for 13 days. We will serve Judah the first four days by picking up trash in the city, then celebrate Pesach with all in Israel on erev Shabbat, Next we will have eight wonderful days of tours.  You can join some guided tours we will sponsor (small additional cost), or you can strike out on your own or in small groups each day to explore whatever and wherever the Father leads you.

Come join us!  Get ready for Passover now! Contact us for more information and start dreaming of the warm sunny days in late April when we will again stroll the streets of the Old City!


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