Sukkot 2018 Trip, Who We Are

Faces of Ani Yosef (Big Gallery!!)

My son took copious pictures on the recent Ani Yosef Sukkot 2018 trip.  While he would prefer to be in the woods filming or photographing deer and other wildlife, I think he has a terrific eye for capturing moments and characters with his camera. As I scrolled through many of his pics I started thinking of the many ‘faces of Ani Yosef,’ the group we recently helped lead on a service trip in Israel.

We had many ‘faces.’ Four continents were represented, bringing multiple cultures, countries and ethnicities, Various perspectives on any given theological or doctrinal point combined with very close living quarters created a wonderfully challenging community microcosm in which we could practice extending grace and learning to love each other regardless of our differences.

Honestly, sometimes the divisions in the Hebrew roots movement, or whatever the nom du jour is, can be so depressing.  It is heartrending to see those who claim to love each other and claim to love YHVH acting with such division.  And then, I am encouraged by events like the Ani Yosef trip wherein there are more differences than usual because participants came from the four corners of the globe, but the unity and harmony exceeds anything we hoped for or imagined.

Truly, the faces of Yosef, scattered across the planet, are varied and each is special.  I pray you will enjoy scrolling through this gallery and see the eyes, smiles and even the funny expressions of the many faces who are our brothers and sisters, members of the house, though we have been scattered.  We are mishpocha!! Family!!

3 thoughts on “Faces of Ani Yosef (Big Gallery!!)”

  1. Pete, I admire you and those with you for what you did. My husband and I also just returned from our first trip to Israel after being there for about a month.. I know your intentions were well intended, but after staying there a month, I’m afraid that all of your efforts may have been in vain..I have never seen a place and a people so indifferent to trash! They don’t care where they throw it… it’s sad.. and in the less than “nicer” neighborhoods ( which we ended up in due to that wall that separates Jerusalem) it’s so, so much worse! I believe there’s a saying that goes.. “ you can’t help people who aren’t willing to help themselves”…. Maybe that’s why the Bible tells us of a “new” Jerusalem coming down…..


    1. Joyce,

      Yes, the trash is disconcerting, but it is not hopeless. And, the physical Land that is there is the Land that my Abba loves. We look forward to many trips to serve, love and example. Honestly, I can’t wait to go back and pick up more trash. It was so fulfilling, fun and meaningful.

      Pesach 2019!!


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