Sukkot 2018 Trip

Blown away!!

You could have knocked me over with a feather.  Orna Grinman just completely blew me away and I am still processing, but I had to share this with you immediately!!

All of the recent Ani Yosef participants who just returned from Sukkot in Jerusalem will remember that Orna came and spoke to us one evening.  And, many of the Ani Yosef followers who came over from will recall an article I did on her Jordan Rift trip, but I had no idea how that trip ended!! Or, how it connects with what Ani Yosef just did.  Or, more importantly, how incredibly it connects us with what the Father is doing!

Seriously, her most recent post, Sleeping Beauty,’ just blew me away!

Here is a teaser pic, that’s all I’m saying.

Please post your comments and thoughts!  What is Abba doing??!  Yosef serving Judah.  Judah serving Yosef. Brothers loving and longing for each other!

This is the time of the Geulah!!

Join us for Pesach or Sukkot 2019!!

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