NEW Ani Yosef t-shirts and hats!!!

We have been busy preparing for Pesach 2019 and our next trip to Israel! (You need to come join us!! Details here.) In the process of making preparations, we have redesigned the Ani Yosef t-shirt and we are very excited about the new look! Further, this design will make others smile and attract opportunities to tell the Ani Yosef story!! (Hint: you need one! 🙂 )

New T-shirt design for Ani Yosef

These are available in men’s sizes for a $20 donation. See below.

Another exciting new offer is an embroidered hat! We had a local embroiderer digitize our logo and put it on a hat and we have another winner!! Lil’ Yosef’s big grin on a very nice Adam’s ball cap feels great and looks better! Available in periwinkle blue for a $28 donation! Option, for an additional $12 donation, your name and ‘AniYosef.com’ will be added to the hat.

Ani Yosef T-Shirt

Available in men's sizes, this beautiful Ani Yosef t-shirt will make people smile and create opportunities to tell others about us and share our web address. US shipping is included. Contact us for international shipping arrangements. Please specify size in the comments section of your order. $20, recommended donation.


Ani Yosef Hat

Lil' Yosef, peering from above the brim of a periwinkle blue cap, is a sharp way to share the Ani Yosef story with others. These high quality Adams caps are the perfect classy accessory for your wardrobe! One size adjusts with the leather strap to fit all. Recommended donation of $28 for the logo-ed hat, includes domestic US shipping. To have your name and 'AniYosef.com' embroidered on the hat, add an additional donation of $12 and add the name to the comments box. International shipping, please contact us and we will make arrangements.


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