Pesach 2019

Countdown!! T-7 (days)

Seven days from tonight the Ani Yosef Pesach team will be gathering in Giv’at Ye’arim!! Many will be in Israel as early as Thursday, but we don’t converge on the team site until the beginning of Pesach week!

We’ve been planning and waiting with great expectation. We have a smaller team this time which will be more intimate, but also, most are experienced travelers to Israel meaning we will be set out for things off the beaten path! One place we really hope to visit is Migdal Eder where the national flock of Jacob’s Sheep is cared for.

Stay tuned to this site and my personal blog,, for updates and pictures of our adventures and pictures. Also, please keep us in your prayers. And, consider joining us for the Sukkot trip in the fall. Dates and cost are here.

3 thoughts on “Countdown!! T-7 (days)”

  1. Shalom Pete, it would be nice to be with You again, but it seems, that YAH has other plans. Due to an inflammated tooth root and a left hand carpal tunnel syndrome i have some problems and treatments holding me back in Germany. Maybe YAH heals me because You intreat for me. Regarding work i could come…. May HE bless You and the team! Peter

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