Pesach 2019

I’m full… stuffed, really.

Both figuratively and literally. The team parted ways this morning with many lingering hugs and lots of tears. Truly, over the last three trips to Israel, Abba has begun to knit us together as family in every sense. The leadership team celebrated Pesach here last year and the genesis of Ani Yosef occurred. We, along… Continue reading I’m full… stuffed, really.

Sukkot 2018 Trip

Sukkot 2018 Pricing for tours and trip.

During Sukkot 2018, Kimberly Rogers-Brown will be hosting several dynamite days of touring with an experienced and hand-selected guide at the helm.  These touring days are being offered to our group as well as others who will be traveling to Jerusalem for the feast. Following are the links for all participants to sign up and… Continue reading Sukkot 2018 Pricing for tours and trip.