Pesach 2019

I’m full… stuffed, really.

Both figuratively and literally. The team parted ways this morning with many lingering hugs and lots of tears. Truly, over the last three trips to Israel, Abba has begun to knit us together as family in every sense. The leadership team celebrated Pesach here last year and the genesis of Ani Yosef occurred. We, along with many others gathered for Sukkot, then again, most of the leaders and a few new mishpocha Abba brought gathered for Pesach.

So much happens in a crucible of close community. At all three feasts, we have had just enough room for Abba to stretch and bind us together… I think we have a taste and very real idea of what it is like for the tribes to come together in all their differences, foibles and individualities. Each time I can see and feel His work at moulding us and removing rough spots while bending us to His will.

Now, seated in Ben Gurion, my family and I arrived really early for our flight. I was so emotionally full that we drove this direction, stopped in Tel Aviv to eat an ample shwarma lunch followed by lounging in a park for a couple hours, then to the airport. It is bittersweet. I don’t want to leave, but am excited yo return home and pour out the things Abba has been showing me. My passion and drive for the redemption and gathering of the whole house of Israel is renewed and focused. Further, it is clear the Father has affirmed our purpose, calling and focus. May He now bless us and ‘stuff’ our quiver as full as I feel.

Standby for a gallery from the last four days. As I can process, I promise to write some posts detailing a few parts in the coming days.

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