Sukkot 2018 Trip

Sukkot 2018 galleries…

Cleansing the Land

Maybe over the next couple weeks I’ll have time to post some of the hundreds and hundreds of pictures I have of this amazing trip.  While I was so busy I only took about 180 pictures, the combined group took 1000s of pictures.  I think Silas alone had 2000 pictures…  but then, that’s why we took the budding photog with us.

What I am most excited about is him getting his editing bone in gear and turning our a few videos that we can share.

Here are a few pics sharing the cleaning aspect of the trip to tease you…  More pics of other parts of the trip later. To see hundreds of pics and to converse with team members, sign up with MeWe and then come over to the Ani Yosef & Friends Group!!

Notice the several before and after pics.  We have quite a few more of these sometimes very dramatic pictures demonstrating the significant impact just an hour can make.

Pesach and Sukkot 2019

If this excites you, then you need to sign up for information on whichever upcoming trip interests you.  In addition to Pesach and Sukkot next year, we are seriously discussing a hiking trip or two that will clean the Israel National Trail and repaint the faded and defaced trail markers.  If that interests you, please, let us know!!

Next year in Jerusalem!!

Ani Yosef says, “Come join us!!”

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