Sukkot 2018 Trip

Sukkot 2018 update, tour details and prices…

We are 110 days, or three months and 18 days, away from being in Jerusalem for Sukkot!!  I am already getting excited about boarding the plane again for the second time this year on a journey to the Land!  I am even MORE excited to introduce the team members on this trip to friends, family even, in Gi’vat Ye’arim!!

The quick update is that we have 60 or so signed up with room for a few more!  Team size cannot exceed 100, so there is yet room for a few more.  (If you missed the original trip announcement and want the basic info, go here.)  Currently, we have team members from Australia, South Africa, Netherlands, Germany and the US.  Being a multinational group of English speaking Torah keeping non-Jews from all over the world is very exciting and a hands-on experience in cross culture community building.  More than that, we will be in community with Yemenite Jews and fellowshipping with them, a whole other experience in culture and relationship building.  I know of NO other opportunity like this!  This is cutting edge restoration stuff!

Those who have signed up have received an email with the password for this participant post where payment details are for trip.

Earlier, we did not post costs for the touring days because we were still working out details and securing a guide.  Now, we can unveil the following.  Our three guided tour days will hit the following locations as well as a few others:


Western Wall and Tunnel        

Davidson Center

Yad Veshem

Mount Herzl

Walking Tour

Ammunition Hill

Israel Museum

Hurva Synagogue

Herodian Mansion & Burnt House

Temple Institute

Other surprises!


The touring portion is $199 per person for all three days, or $74 for each day if a participant chooses single tour days.  Payment info will be added to the password protected participant post.

Our additional two tour days will be led by team leaders to explore parts of the Old City, Ben Yehuda market as well as instill confidence in our participants so that they feel comfortable returning to this grand city for future feasts! These days have no cost, but you might spend a little gathering treasures and gifts from the Land to bring back with you!!  😉


So, if you are reading about this for the first time, here is the bottom line:  Sukkot 2018 in Jerusalem, 16 days, a few of them working, for just $825 (breakfast and dinner included) + optional $199 for guided tours on three days.  That is $1024 for 16 amazing days with a packed itinerary and historic service/bridge building opportunity with Judah!  If this sounds like you, then don’t waste time, contact us immediately.

8 thoughts on “Sukkot 2018 update, tour details and prices…”

    1. Debbie I am considering going, and am so glad you will be there!! I was ready to send a message to you!!!


  1. Waiting on Abba connecting the dots for me, about to go to our capital 1st with family for prayer walk & deliver prayer cards, then this trip has my attention, & maybe get another social app🤓 So needful of my Shepherd & prayers by mispocha..Shalom all!

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