Sukkot 2018 Trip

iTired… Shabbat Shalom!

What an incredible day and incredible week! Shabbat is a couple

hours away and we are starting to relax and recount the blessings and the stories of the week. I cannot begin to explain what we have seen and experienced. To confirm my heart, team members have already reserved slots for next Sukkot.

As previously posted, we have picked up trash three of the last four days. Last night we had an amazing near three hour concert with James Block.

Several area families joined us and we did not want it to end. Literally, the Ruach was so powerfully present that at points various team members were in tears on the floor in worship.

This morning we all drug tired bodies out of bed in anticipation of the last day of trash pickup. Our host, Tzemach, recommended we clean around Mt. Herzl, Yad Vashem,

Jerusalem Forest and Bet Kerem. I was dubious…. but, wow! We collected some 300 bags of trash. It was crazy, particularly Jerusalem Forest. We left piles of trash in spot after spot along the road. At one point, Perry Curtis rolled a huge Herbie Curbie from Mt. Herzl to where we were, filled it and took it back. Later, I followed suit and did the same.

Early in the day, Gil Lewinsky joined

us. When he first contacted me I was both excited and a bit apprehensive. I had first heard of him as the farmer that repatriated 119 Jacob’s Sheep to Israel from Canada. Breaking Israel News reported this extensively. At the same time, I also know he is a well connected journalist… Apprehensive to say the least.

Gil asked question after question… then he quipped, ‘what am I doing? This is my country. Give me a bag!’ And, he joined us as long as he could in collecting trash.

Together, Jew and non-Jew, cleaning the Land. Beautiful.

Here are before and afters of one area we worked on…

While the image doesn’t really tell the tale, we pulled a dozen full bags of trash out of the weeds. And, I found a couple souvenirs. …

Over and over we were stopped and asked why? And, who we you? And, ‘Thank you!’

We gathered at 12:45, as planned, at the Herzl Museum. Moshe, our driver arrived a couple minutes early and brought us home. He has been wonderful and owns his own bus… if you are looking for a bus and driver, call Moshe with his 60 beautiful, new, 60 passenger chariot.

The team is exhausted, but so glad to be home and relaxing for Shabbat.

Details for our upcoming Pesach and Sukkot 2019 trips are forthcoming. Watch closely, they are limited to 100 and will fill quickly. Email us your contact info for early notification.

More pics follow..

2 thoughts on “iTired… Shabbat Shalom!”

  1. Shalom friends, it is exiting! thanks for sharing what you experienced in our City! so exited to see you tehre, cleaning and impacting: what a joy! Blessings on all you guys, which I could be there… Heinz from Switzerland

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