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Ani Yosef Tees!! (for sale…)

Yosef Front Hey guys, we are excited to present the Ani Yosef Tees for this Fall’s trip to Israel.  Team Tees have been printed and are scheduled to be delivered here on Friday, but we are opening the order up to anyone who wants one.  (Team members have an additional identifier on their shirts…)

Yosef back.JPG

The catch is, they won’t be shipped until we get back from Israel….   but, but, you need one.  😉

The Hebrew on the back says, “Ani Yosef” (I am Joseph).  This blog’s original post tells the story….

The shirt comes in any color you want as long as it is goldenrod.  All sizes are men’s or youth sizes.

So, if you want one of these awesomely cool Tees with lil’ Ani Yosef, the mascot on the front, just place your order below.

Ani Yosef Tee Shirt

Shirts are as pictured. Please specify your size in YOUTH or MEN's sizes. For example: 'Men's Large' or if you order two, 'Men's XL, Youth Large.' Price includes shipping. Orders must be placed by October 2nd, shirts will be shipped shortly after October 12th.


4 thoughts on “Ani Yosef Tees!! (for sale…)”

  1. Shalom Pete,
    My wife, Amanda, ordered one of the “Ani Yosef” t-shirts for me. It was while you were busy planning to go to Israel for Sukkot and cleaning the trash up. I think her order got “lost in the shuffle” of busy-ness. I haven’t received my t-shirt yet, but she did get charged for it on her VISA bill. I thought I might find it in the mail sometime after your return, but haven’t yet seen it so I thought I should say something.


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