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Update and BIG gallery!

Sukkot is upon us! Tonight, at sunset, begins the week-long Feast of Tabernacles. The work of picking up trash and the challenge of the Yom haKippurim fast is behind us, so now we begin touring and enjoying the Land in the presence of the Lord.

This morning I rose early to enjoy another stunning sunrise. They just never get old!! We are here in Givat Ye’arim, just outside the city of Jerusalem, a group from Holland and the United States.

Following is a gallery of pictures taken over the last several days.

Several pics are included of a little trip Kelly and I had after Yom haKippurim. In a ‘chance’ encounter on Sunday, we ran into a couple we know here in the Land that were traveling as far north as you can go in Israel to teach a class about the two houses of Israel. He, knowing my connection with Ten Parts in the King, asked if we could join them and I could conduct the Q&A after he taught the class. We were on the slopes of Mt. Hermon in Majdal Shams!! What a blessing of a trip along with a neat time of dinner and fellowship on Avigail’s porch overlooking the Kinneret in Tiberius. (Ani Yosef really, really hopes to put a team in this very building in the near future for Pesach or Sukkot! Stunningly beautiful!! You must add her to your B&B list when in the area. Contact me for details.)

The fast here was good with wonderfully rich worship, then on Friday we finished picking up trash in the moshav to the thankful delight of the residents and calls of ‘kol hakavod!’ See pics of the car packed with trash gleaned from the entrance road.

You’ll also see a few pics of hikes in the area, grilling, HUGE mangos, etc… Just pieces of the fun that is a trip with Ani Yosef! Start thinking about Pesach or Sukkot next year! Drop us an email to get on the early notification list.

Chag Sameach!!

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