Sukkot 2018 Trip

Special guests visiting Ani Yosef!!!

Part of the passion of the leadership team for Ani Yosef is that we can connect those who travel with us to the people of the Land!  Our desire is that our team get a taste and feel for the rich heritage and passion of our brother Judah!  Obviously, living in a moshav and having opportunity to visit in local sukkahs, and to interact in the shuk (market) and streets, we will have real interaction and fellowship.

But, there is so much more, so we have been able to secure some outside guests who will each come spend an evening with us sharing their heart and passion!  While we still have one that we have not been able to nail down yet, here are four that we have specific dates and times for and are very excited to have them share:

  • James Block – Gifted musician and worship leader will come one evening to share his heart and passion for the King and for Jerusalem!  We all love praising the Almighty with James leading.  (CDs will be available!)
  • Miriam Feinberg Vamosh – Wonderful tour guide and extremely knowledgeable author who has a passion for interfaith relations.  Some of us have enjoyed her recent historical fiction The Scroll.  She will speak about the many religious sects and their interplay during the first century C.E. (Books will be available!)
  • Ellen Miller Braun – Amazing artist that we had the pleasure of meeting in Ariel during our last trip to Israel. Several on the leadership team have pieces of her art hanging on our walls.  (Art will be available!)
  • Orna Grinman – Special guest with a heart for healing the wound between Judah and Ephraim and seeing restoration to the whole house of Israel and the entire region! (Books will be available!)
  • Nadav Natan (If we can get him) – Nationally recognized dance instructor that we had the special privilege to dance with at Sukkot two years ago!  We would really like to have him come spend an evening teaching Israeli Folk Dance!  This is a maybe….

If you have not made a decision yet and want to participate in this terrific trip, contact us immediately!!  We still have a few openings and would love to have those with a servant’s heart and a desire for restoration to join us!

Shavua tov!!


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