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Help Ani Yosef!!

Shalom, all!

The first Ani Yosef trip to Israel is a scant 70 days away!  logo_sketch_xsmallWe are working hard on details and getting ready for a large team to join us in Israel for a little work, a lot of fun, touring and much fellowship with brothers of Judah.

This first trip has a number of extra expenses for start up, things like large stainless cooking pots and pans, service trays, utensils, and 40 cup water heaters/coffee makers.  Many of those items need to be purchased in the US and taken with us to remain on site for future teams…  like Pesach and Sukkot next year.  (Mark your calendar!)

If you or your fellowship believe in this ministry of reconciliation and brotherhood and would like to make a contribution to help cover the start up expenses for Ani Yosef, please hit the donate button below and help us out.  (Full disclosure:  ALL team leaders are paying their own way and are receiving ZERO compensation or benefit for this labor of love.  Further, we are paying extra expenses out of our pockets…)  Any help that you can give to cover extra expenses would be hugely appreciated!!

DONATION to help with equipment expenses

This DONATION is to help with the start up expenses of Ani Yosef. Monies will be used for pots, pans, service trays, stainless utensils, 40 cup coffee pots, as well as other incidentals. Please enter in $10 increments.


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