Pesach 2019, Sukkot 2019

UPDATED: Dates for Sukkot 2019!

The Ani Yosef Sukkot 2018 and Pesach 2019 trips has been a resounding success. We have witnessed Abba's blessing at every turn and more than 25% of participants are planning to be back at least once next year... While I have not had time or bandwidth to blog and share pictures and video, I will… Continue reading UPDATED: Dates for Sukkot 2019!

Sukkot 2018 Trip

A ‘hurry-cane’ and we’re off!!

While most of the world has only recently started paying attention to hurricane Florence, we in South Carolina began watching last week. The season has been unusually quiet, but this storm, making a beeline across the Atlantic, seemed trouble from the start. As this week began it started to look like a race between us… Continue reading A ‘hurry-cane’ and we’re off!!

Sukkot 2018 Trip

Sukkot 2018 update, tour details and prices…

We are 110 days, or three months and 18 days, away from being in Jerusalem for Sukkot!!  I am already getting excited about boarding the plane again for the second time this year on a journey to the Land!  I am even MORE excited to introduce the team members on this trip to friends, family… Continue reading Sukkot 2018 update, tour details and prices…