Sukkot 2019

Gallery and a serious prayer request

Following is a gallery of pics from today’s hike.

After the hike we had a nice visit with our host, Tzemach. Really, really good to catch up with him, but he did share some very challenging news. We are the last group to be staying in his home. As soon as we leave, after Sukkot, he is drawing the curtain because he is no longer allowed to have non-family guests. Further, the government is forcing several family mmembers to move out of there homes and possibly (no court decision yet) even bulldoze the homes, in spite of the fact that they have been standing and in use for more than 30 years.

Apparently, whether by mistake or intent, they were built on land designated as ‘agricultural’ and therefore, a homesite cannot remain there. We are talking beautiful, well kept, amazing five bedroom homes that may see destruction.

Tzemach said the situation seems hopeless and the family has several million USD worth of fines and penalties, numbers that boggle my mind! I responded that Abba parted the Red Sea, knocked down the walls of Jericho, this is just a small ting, but he/they need an immense amount of prayer and Yah’s direct intervention.

I assured him that we would be praying! Please join me in putting this very complicated situation before the Throne of Grace.

Among other things, this Ani Yosef team will be interceding for this family, that Abba reveal Himself in a mighty way!

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