Bobby Bennie ~ US

I had a great time. I started a couple days early so I didn’t have to fly or come in on Shabbat. I was honestly overwhelmed after getting my bags and standing at the exit to the airport thinking “I have no Israeli money, don’t know anyone, and can’t read a lot of the signs”. But I got myself together (pulled up my big boy pants) and went to work. Settling into my hotel room just off the beach in Tel Aviv was amazing for the next two days. Knowing I was there (in Israel) and yet not having it sink in until James said those words “hey guys, we’re in Israel”! Then I remember sharing with him a day or so later, “hey brother, we’re in Jerusalem”! The next 16 days were filled with pain (work/walking), worship, tears, awe, and quite a few moments of just talking with Abba about how great it was to be in HIS land, on HIS agenda. I can’t thank you two (I know it wasn’t just you two) enough (Pete said no leaking eyes as I said my goodbyes, but they’re leaking again…) for making it possible.