W. W. I. ~ US

Shalom! Ani Yosef 2018 was a wonderful experience.  We woke up every morning and exclaimed:  “Hey, we’re in Israel!”  And, best of all, it was true!  We saw the moon rising over Jerusalem from the community sukkah.  Outside the Jaffa Gate, we bought a lulav/etrog set from a table manned by a yeshiva student from New York City.  We prayed at the Kotel.  We walked, underground, along the support wall Herod built all the way to the north end of Mount Moriah….along cobblestones that were street level when the Temple stood.  We visited the site of King David’s palace.  We saw Paul Wilbur in concert.  We saw James Block in concert…..twice!! We met like minded followers of Yeshua from so many other nations around the globe. We were taught Yemenite dance steps, and we danced along with others in the moshav celebrating Simchat Torah.  It was an amazing experience!!