Ani osef…

Recently, I published an article featuring Inon Dan Kehati and his vision for The Home, an organization in Israel that brings Jews and Palestinians together to pick up trash. The article detailed how we got connected and the hope that Ani Yosef has of working with him in the future for the good of kol Israel.  (I hope you will take time to read it.)

After sharing the article with Inon, he sent me an email sharing an interesting play on Hebrew.  When we say, “Ani Yosef…” it can sound like “Ani osef” which means….  ‘I am picking’ (something).

How apropos?  “I am Joseph…” sounds like “I am picking”… (trash).

Just something fun to share. 

If you want to be ‘picking’ trash with us, add your name to our list requesting information on the Pesach or Sukkot 2019 trips.  Details will be coming out, but the dates and prices are here.