Wiljo ~ Netherlands

Annie and I look back on a successful trip with a lot of joy and gratitude.

I am already working hard … to make money for the next trip.

This week I get to hear if I can get enough days off, with Pesach.

Here in the Netherlands I gave a first presentation last week about our experiences during the trip. If all goes well, there will be a second presentation at a different location in the Netherlands. Next week I give a study in Belgium, I will also make a promotion there.

Annie has made a prophetic painting in which she expresses that the corn is ripe so that the spikes hang down. On the one side Ani Yosef, humbled bowing down and on the other side the people of Judah and in between Yeshua haMassiach bringing us together.

We are still amazed at the contacts we have had with Jewish people, it is the first time that we have experienced this rapprochement.

While we were on our way home, on the plane, an orthodox Jewish man approached me asking if I was Jewish. When I said no, he asked what are you doing then in Israel, I said sit down for a moment, and there was a nice conversation, in which I could explain what we did in Israel. His reaction was wow, how beautiful that this is happening….