Pesach 2019

Picking up trash and wedding prep!

One of the surprises for this Ani Yosef trip is that we are having a wedding. Tonight!

Yesterday, in unseasonably cool weather, we enjoyed our first full day of trash pickup in an Orthodox suburb near Mt. Herzl train station. In addition to collecting hundreds of bags of trash, we had numerous very pleasant ‘thank you’s and various interesting conversations. It is such a joy yo serve and a bonus to share our story.

Last evening, everyone was exhausted, but many of us sat and planned a wedding… yep, for tonight. Ron and Pat contacted me a couple months ago and asked if we could put together a ceremony here in Israel, so we have worked on that…,stay tuned for pics and a report.

Today, again, we returned to the Herzl area for a few quick hours of work before each beginning the assigned tasks for tonight’s event. Four of us decided to sweep through Jerusalem Forest to see how it had held up since our deep cleaning (and hundred bag drag) last Sukkot. We had a nice haul in three hours of work, but were pleasantly surprised at how clean it has stayed since the week before Sukkot.

Now it is time for me to get to work. Much for all to do to pull together a wedding in the next several hours.. cutting flowers, dinner prep, build a chupah, shower, practice music, etc…


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