Pesach 2019, Sukkot 2019

UPDATED: Dates for Sukkot 2019!

The Ani Yosef Sukkot 2018 and Pesach 2019 trips has been a resounding success. We have witnessed Abba’s blessing at every turn and more than 25% of participants are planning to be back at least once next year…

While I have not had time or bandwidth to blog and share pictures and video, I will be doing that in the coming days. In the meantime, for those who want to go ahead and get on the notification list or to ‘pre-register’, the dates are:

Sukkot: October 7-22, 2019. $945 ( Limited to 100 team members)

Prices include lodging, breakfast and dinner each day as well as most transportation. (Convenient and inexpensive public transportation available when team has free days.)

Not included: Transportation to and from airport, optional tour fees and guide, as well as lunches.

Use the ‘Contact Us‘ page until I can get a proper notification link. Tell us which trip you want to sign up for.

Details to follow!

20 thoughts on “UPDATED: Dates for Sukkot 2019!”

      1. תודה רבה. We’re curious because we want to plan some more hiking on
        The Shvil / Israel National Trail and don’t want to conflict with The Congress.

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  1. ( Don’t hold me to it ) but I’m endeavouring to go around & pick up some rubbish on Pesach dates over here in Australia since I won’t be on the trip.

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